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We hope we can help you get to a better place. Sydney Transgender & Diversity Counselling offers professional support, specialising in gender diversity.

What we do

No one wants to feel like they’re all alone, especially if they’re struggling with questions about their own identity. That’s why Sydney Transgender & Diversity Counselling was set up. We provide reliable and caring counselling services for individuals, families and couples impacted by gender diversity. So if you do find yourself in that space, you’ve someone to talk to – us.


Our Counselling Services

In addition to individual sessions, we provide a range of services including group therapy, education sessions for employers, and couples counselling. And while we specialise in Transgender and Gender Diversity Counselling, we're certainly not limited to it! We also provide counselling for alternative sexuality, relationships and lifestyles. Take a look at our Diversity Counselling section for more details. 



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Our contact form is easy to use. So if you have any questions, or you’d like to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




We work in affiliation with The NSW Gender Centre
Gender Therapy Partnership NSW Gender Centre