Trans Chasers – Difficulties in the Dating World

Dating for Transgender Individuals

Dating for Transgender Individuals.

It might not be easy for any of us to put ourselves out there and start dating. But for dating for transgender individuals can unearth a whole different set of complications.

One such issue is discussed very openly and honestly in this article by Christin Scarlett Milloy is trans chasers. These are cis-gendered ‘admirers’ who specifically target gender diverse individuals, objectifying them and seeking sex with trans bodies. They don’t see the fascinating complexities, which make transgender individuals who they are. They don’t see them as people who are worth falling in love with. Sadly trans chasers exist. As if dating wasn’t tough enough.

But let’s be clear, this is an insightful piece, not one to vilify all cis-gendered people who may date a transgender individual. There are, thankfully, genuine and good souls out there too.
Milloy explains it eloquently,

Who exactly am I calling out when I use the C-word? I don’t mean cis people who are willing to date a trans person when they meet someone they like, and I don’t mean all trans-attracted people. I’m referring to individuals whose primary motivator in dating is that they really, really, really want to “be with” a trans person, one with original anatomy intact … to the extent that other interpersonal concerns are neglected and ignored. They don’t care to know us very well; they just want to date us. Date us so hard.

While we need to draw the distinction between genuine interest and ‘chasers,’ the last thing we want to do is cultivate a fear of dating. Think of this article is a realistic, practical guide for dealing with those rare people who see a gender diverse identity as an object. Check out the full article here: Trans chasers, exploitive admirers who harass trans people.