Diversity Counselling

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It's OK to be different.
The simple truth is that diversity is a healthy and important part of human society. So in addition to providing support for the transgender community, we offer diversity counselling services, with a number of specialist areas.

At Sydney Transgender & Diversity Counselling, we understand how important it is have a space that's supportive and free of judgement. Anthony, our qualified therapist brings a caring, sincere and informed approach to his sessions. You don't need to be afraid of reaching out to us.

Sydney Diversity Counselling

Diversity Counselling Includes


  • Alternative relationships - inclusive of the unique needs of non-monogamy relationships (such as polyamory and kink), as well as LGBTQ relationships.
  • Alternative sexuality -  kink friendly, understanding of BDSM, fetishes and alternative sexual practices.
  • Sex and Love Addiction - help managing addictive sexual and emotional behaviour, understanding your triggers, patterns and where they stem from.
  • Depression and Anxiety - often intertwined with other areas you may be seeking help with, we offer support for general general depression and anxiety.


Finding the right counsellor can be difficult. You need a person you trust enough to open up to about your unique way of being in the world. So that’s what we aim to build here.

Our sincere hope is that, together, we can build an honest and trusting relationship. One where we can explore your unique truth, and help you get you to a better place.

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