Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing. Especially when combined with the complexities of gender diversity. Hence, we also offer Couples Therapy.

It’s an unspoken fact in a relationship where at least one of the individuals is gender diverse. They’ll have to contend with difficulties that cis-gendered couples simply don’t encounter.

At Sydney Transgender and Diversity Counselling, we're aware of these complexities. This is why we provide a space where couples don’t need to explain the narrative over and over. We understand you may be gender diverse and in a relationship, but we're ready to focus on the reasons you came to counselling with your partner.

Alternative Relationships

We also understand there's more than one type of relationship, which is why we offer specialist kink and poly-friendly counselling. Understanding your lifestyle allows us to cu to the chase and focus on the reasons you came to counselling in the first place.

Couples Therapy


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